Transferring the blog to my Mac mini at home

In the modern information age, the efficient utilization of internet resources is crucial for individuals and organizations. As a technology enthusiast, I have always had an idea of how to make optimal use of home and company network resources. After several days of organizing my thoughts, I decided to implement my plan by connecting my home Mac mini to the company’s internal network through a VPN and using the company’s public IP address as the exit point, thus enabling the proper utilization of internal and external network resources. And so, I decided to put my plan into practice.

The first step involved requesting an IPv4 address from the company, which was essential for implementing my plan. After some waiting, I finally obtained a public IP address that allowed me to connect from my home Mac mini to the company’s network.

The second step involved configuring the Mac mini to connect to the company’s VPN. I used the office client software provided by the company, which had a built-in VPN encryption tunnel. So, all I had to do was open the software, log in with my employee account, and establish the internal network connection.

The third step was to enable a virtual machine on the Mac mini and install the CentOS operating system. Then came the process of setting up the environment, which went smoothly. I successfully migrated the resources from the cloud server to my Mac mini at home.

To address concerns about the company’s public IPv4 address being targeted for attacks, I implemented a front-end Tencent Cloud IPv4 within the same region. This effectively meant that the public network traffic was reverse-proxied to Tencent Cloud, which then forwarded it to the client.

Another benefit was that through the company’s fixed public IP address, I could enjoy additional conveniences. For instance, I had access to independent bandwidth resources and could connect to the company’s cloud servers, remote desktops, and other public services without the need for alternative connections. This provided greater flexibility and convenience, allowing me to better manage my time and resources between personal and work-related tasks.

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