A Beach Retreat for My Lonely Heart

The second August 19th

On February 7th, in the United States, I decided to make a 6.5-hour drive back to Northern California, but not before visiting Will Rogers State Beach in search of solace. As I gazed at the crashing waves and soaring seagulls, and listened to the joyful voices of beachgoers, I felt myself unwind and relax.

The Pacific coastline was packed with vehicles, showcasing breathtaking mountain views. While assisting a stranded family locked out of their car, I witnessed a stunning sunset—a boundless expanse of yellow that reminded me of my homeland, China.

Will Rogers State Beach is renowned for its majestic scenery and serene ambiance. Standing on this beautiful stretch of sand, observing the tumultuous ocean waves and the graceful flight of seagulls, and hearing the laughter and chatter of contented beach visitors, I found solace for my weary soul.

As I traversed the Pacific coastline, I marveled at the magnificent mountain vistas unfolding before me. These towering peaks seemed like nature’s masterpieces, reaching for the sky. Before reaching the beach, I encountered a family stranded outside their car due to a mechanical issue. Moved by empathy, I decided to lend a helping hand. Together, we successfully resolved their problem. It was at this moment that a breathtaking sunset began to unfold in the sky.

The fading sunlight bathed the sky in an endless expanse of yellow. This magnificent sight evoked memories of my homeland, a place deeply connected to China. Yellow is a color symbolizing prosperity and auspiciousness in Chinese culture, and the scene before me seemed to tell the story of my homeland. On this unfamiliar beach, I felt the warmth and familiarity of my home.

Will Rogers State Beach is not only a picturesque location but also a paradise for seeking solace. Here, the beauty of nature intertwines with acts of kindness and cooperation among individuals, bringing about tranquility and inner peace. Regardless of where visitors come from, they can find a moment of serenity here, momentarily forgetting the busyness of life and reconnecting with nature.

In this vibrant and hopeful beach setting, I not only found solace but also developed a deeper reverence for nature. The magnificent scenery and unique ambiance of Will Rogers State Beach allowed me to truly appreciate the grandeur and magnificence of the natural world. This brief pause in my journey prompted me to reevaluate my life and be grateful for the wonders bestowed upon us by nature.

As I finally departed from this unforgettable beach, my heart overflowed with gratitude for Will Rogers State Beach. It provided me not only with relaxation and solace but also a reconnection to memories of my homeland. I stepped into my vehicle, heading towards Northern California, but deep within, I cherished the precious memories of this beautiful beach, eagerly anticipating the day I would return to this enchanting paradise.

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