User Experience of the U.S. version iPhone 14 Series in China

I bought a U.S. version iPhone 14 Pro from AT&T. After returning to China, I faced an issue since Chinese carriers do not support eSIM. Normally, it would be impossible to use the U.S. version iPhone 14 series in China. However, the only advantage of AT&T is that you can purchase their roaming package for $10 a day or $100 a month. This conveniently eliminates the need for a VPN, as AT&T in China utilizes the infrastructure of a local carrier (presumably China Mobile) for its services. The internet speed is generally good, although signal quality can be inconsistent at times.

1.Install the MyATT app.

2.You need to activate the International Day Pass feature on ATT postpaid.

3.Purchase an international roaming package.


This way, your U.S. version iPhone 14 series can be used smoothly in China. The advantage is that you don’t need to buy a separate VPN, and your U.S. number can receive calls and messages normally.

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