Stepping into the door of Oracle

Oracle free account registration is really quite mysterious. Occasionally, I will have a sudden idea, or when I see someone introducing Oracle’s free server, I will try to register again. Unfortunately, I have never been successful in my previous attempts. However, recently, I finally passed the verification and successfully registered for Oracle’s free service.

Maybe you are curious how I successfully registered? I will tell you some experiences.

At that time, I wasn’t sure if I could register successfully, so I randomly chose São Paulo as the location and used my school email address. As for the device environment, I opted to use the Safari browser and utilized a local Hong Kong card. For payment verification, I used the China Merchants Bank’s Free Life Visa card. When filling out the address information, I selected the city where I applied for the card but didn’t specify my home address. These choices might have seemed arbitrary, but they ultimately proved unexpectedly successful.

After the account was verified, I couldn’t wait to activate the first cloud server. In terms of configuration selection, due to restrictions, I could only choose a 1-core 1GB configuration. Although the performance is not very outstanding, this did not stop me from carrying out preliminary experience and testing. Especially for those who are new to cloud server technology, this configuration is enough.

However, I also realized some problems. Since the chosen location is Sao Paulo, which is further away from the United States and China in a straight line, this results in higher latency. Especially when testing AMD performance, the latency problem is more obvious. However, I found that by using a WARP proxy, I could get a better local network experience, which somewhat improved the inconvenience of using cloud servers.

Although there are some limitations in the free configuration and performance of cloud servers, I think we can’t ask for too much for free things. I sincerely thank companies like Oracle for providing these free services so that beginners and people with financial difficulties can also enjoy the convenience of cloud servers. This not only provides individual users with opportunities to learn and practice, but also contributes to broader technology popularization.

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