Story of Yanxi Palace after-view tour

Today I started watching “Story of Yanxi Palace”, a highly anticipated palace drama. I heard that this drama has aroused widespread discussion and attention in the Chinese TV industry. I was full of curiosity and expectations, so I decided to start my journey of watching the drama.

The plot is set in the Qing Dynasty. It attracts the audience’s attention through its wonderful storyline, rich characterization and faithful depiction of the historical background. Before watching the show, I had heard about its reputation and influence, so I was full of expectations.

The drama’s story revolves around power struggles, love entanglements and hatred within the palace, focusing primarily on the growth of Wei Yingluo, a former palace maid who eventually rose to become queen. At the same time, the series delves into the emotional entanglements between Emperor Qianlong and his concubines, as well as the political intrigues inside and outside the palace. The storyline is gripping and full of suspense, and I held my breath while watching it.

One of the most fascinating plots is Wei Yingluo’s growth story. As an ordinary palace maid, she eventually ascended to the throne of queen with her intelligence, wit and firm will. At the same time, the series also meticulously depicts the complexity of the power struggle within the palace and the competition between various concubines.

The most profound storyline is the emotional entanglement between Wei Yingluo and the first queen. At first, there was no intersection between the two of them, but as Wei Yingluo rose to prominence in the court, their relationship gradually changed subtly. The first queen noticed Wei Yingluo’s intelligence and kindness and established a special emotional connection with her. This connection is not just friendship or family affection, but more like a master-student bond, with a touch of motherly love and expectations for a master-student relationship.

This drama was removed from the shelves in China for unknown reasons, which is regrettable. Nonetheless, its overall plot is fascinating and its protagonist is humorous, making it a masterpiece worth watching.

Because the story line is too complicated, I can’t explain it all clearly. If you are interested, please search and watch it by yourself in areas other than China.

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