Rushing through 2023

The annual summary may be a little late!

As time flies, I find myself at the end of another year. 2023 was destined to be a year filled with challenges and opportunities, both personally and professionally. In this annual summary, I will reflect on the past 365 days, sharing moments of growth, achievement, and introspection.

Well-Organized Life

Over the past year, my life has been well-organized, with each day structured around school, exercise, and attending to various tasks. While it seemed like I was living a carefree life, there was a sense of uncertainty lingering within me.

School became a significant part of my daily routine, where I led a nine-to-five academic life, attending classes, completing assignments, and dedicating myself to my studies. Simultaneously, I prioritized my physical health, engaging in daily exercises to maintain vitality.


Over the past few years, my interests have increasingly focused on the domain industry, becoming an integral part of my life and leaving a profound impact.

Reflecting on the domain trading experiences of the past year, I encountered some exhilarating opportunities. Among them, the most notable was a high-value domain transaction worth $35,000. This transaction not only brought substantial profits but also bolstered my confidence and expertise in domain investment.

However, such high-value transactions also sparked concerns about the future of the domain industry. While occasional high-value deals occur, they remain rare. The competitive and uncertain nature of the domain trading market makes such transactions infrequent and risky.

These concerns have led me to approach domain investment with greater caution and diligence. I realize that successful domain investment requires continuous market insights, strategic planning, and robust execution. Moreover, I understand that the domain trading market entails both risks and opportunities, necessitating a rational and composed approach to avoid reckless investments.

Therefore, I will continue to follow and engage in the domain investment field with enthusiasm, while carefully selecting and managing investment projects to ensure long-term, steady returns. Additionally, I will continuously learn and enhance my professional skills to adapt to market changes and challenges, paving the way for my domain investment journey.


I experienced some exciting opportunities, notably receiving an admission offer from New York University.

This marks a significant turning point and opportunity for me. It not only acknowledges my academic abilities and personal qualities but also represents a crucial opportunity for personal and professional development.

I cherish this opportunity and aim to make the most of the resources and platforms provided by New York University, striving for learning and improvement. I will seize this opportunity to explore and practice continually, pursuing my personal dreams and aspirations while realizing my life’s value.


In the past year, despite facing intermittent challenges, my blog journey persisted. Despite various obstacles, the online journal has been operational for a year.

During this time, I had the privilege of meeting many friends online. Through the blogging platform, I engaged in valuable exchanges, discussions, and shared experiences with fellow bloggers, gaining insights and inspiration.


Despite appearing comfortable on the surface, I am haunted by uncertainties about the future. I constantly feel puzzled about life’s meaning, personal development direction, and the path ahead. I am unsure if I am pursuing my true passions and goals or merely trapped in the routine of daily life.

In such ambiguity, I yearn to find my purpose and direction, discovering what truly ignites my passion and striving for it. Perhaps, in the coming year, I need more contemplation and exploration to uncover my true path, finding my place as I pursue my dreams.

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