Brief entry into autumn

Morning comes, and sunlight streams through the window onto the bed. Despite its brightness, there’s a hint of coolness in the air. Slowly, I rise, feeling the cool breeze from outside, catching me somewhat off guard. As I approach the window, I find the sky outside to be a clear blue, with a gentle breeze that gives the entire morning a chilly feel.

Pedestrians hurry along the street, dressed in thick coats, clearly feeling the drop in temperature. I quickly put on a light jacket, cautiously guarding against this sudden chill.

It dawns on me that autumn has finally arrived in Guangdong, though this weather is unlikely to last long.

Blog Maintenance Issues

On the 12th, I opened my blog and discovered a formatting issue. The meticulously designed theme UI was now filled with major garbled characters. It caught me off guard, and I wasn’t sure what caused the garbled text. After half a day of investigation with no results, feeling helpless, I took a break to play with my phone. In my emails, I noticed a notification of a successful WordPress automatic update. That’s when I changed my approach.

I rolled back to the backup image from the 10th, and the problem was resolved – my formatting remained intact. Finally identifying the source of the problem, I exported the text attachments using a plugin. Just when I thought the issue was completely resolved…

To my dismay, during the repair process, I accidentally lost an article I had worked hard on. It was a summary of my experience with DNS services, a piece of work that vanished in an instant, leaving me frustrated.

To prevent a recurrence of such issues, I decided to take proactive measures. I disabled WordPress’s automatic update feature. While automatic updates are beneficial for ensuring system security and currency, after this experience, I prefer to control every update manually, avoiding unexpected losses.

Photo Section Update

Looking at the subdomain “photo,” it didn’t sit well with me, mostly due to my severe perfectionism.

The solution was simple: I transferred the photo source of the original “photo” subdomain to Cloudflare R2 via external links. Then, in WordPress, I opened a new /photo page and used templates to transplant the photos back in.

The downside is that the data flow sorting method lacks logical floating, and many photos need to be manually classified after being uploaded to the media library. After some thought, I realized that I don’t update photos frequently, so there’s no need to write a feature for it.

So, the page is like this (a defective product)…

SSL Certificate

Recently, I had the opportunity to replace the SSL certificates for both sites with long-term certificates valid for 15 years. However, I’m too lazy, and there are still some things to add, so I put it on hold for now.


November 17, 2023, was a rather ordinary day.

After fixing the remaining details of the blog, it was nearing evening, and I decided to treat myself. So, I went to a restaurant and ordered a pot of “Luo Si Duck Feet Hot Pot” from the Full House version, a pot of delicious aroma laid out in front of me. The fragrance of chili and pickled bamboo shoots increased my appetite, and I enjoyed this hearty dinner.

After finishing the spicy duck feet hot pot, I had a whimsical idea and decided to go to the cinema to catch Marvel’s new film, “Captain Marvel 2.” Looking forward to more thrilling adventures of superheroes, I sat in the cinema chair, anticipating an exciting story.

However, the film’s performance did not entirely meet my expectations. The effects were indeed impressive, and the visual effects were stunning. However, the plot seemed somewhat flat, lacking some novelty. The development of the story felt monotonous, with not many surprises. The entire film made me feel that perhaps superhero movies also need some new ideas and breakthroughs to avoid falling into a predictable path.

Although “Captain Marvel 2” didn’t bring me too many surprises, it doesn’t diminish my expectations for Marvel. After all, each movie has its unique qualities, and this viewing experience was a way to give myself a relaxing entertainment time. Perhaps the next Marvel blockbuster will bring more surprises…

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