Unpleasant bidding experience

On October 10th, I came across a domain name that I really liked, “Blog.cyou,” in the Dynadot auction marketplace. Considering the potential and value of the domain name, I decided to participate in the bidding. I placed my bid on October 13th and was awarded the domain on the early hours of the 15th, successfully acquiring it.

After paying the auction cost and domain renewal fee, I was surprised and disappointed to find out that Dynadot had immediately placed a 15-day freeze on the domain after transferring it to my account on the fourth day of the auction’s completion. This meant that I couldn’t transfer or move the domain, even though I had purchased it.

What further confused me was that during the freeze period, I discovered that Dynadot was still selling the domain “Blog.cyou” in its auction marketplace and had raised the price to 3000+ dollars, which was not a personal setting of mine. This price was controlled by Dynadot, and it gave me a sense of unfairness and deception. I had already paid for the purchase of the domain, yet Dynadot was trying to sell the domain I won in the auction to other bidders at a price higher than what I had bid, attempting to obtain a higher price from other participants.

I am deeply disappointed by such behavior. As a prominent domain registrar and trading platform, Dynadot should ensure a fair and transparent trading environment, rather than continuing to sell a domain that has already been sold after the buyer has made payment.

I have participated in bidding processes with various registrars, but I have never encountered a situation like Dynadot’s, where they lock the domain and continue to sell it after a bidder has won and acquired the domain.

I believe Dynadot should provide an explanation for why this issue occurred and take measures to ensure that similar situations do not happen again. They should respect the rights of bidders, provide better user support, and improve their trading processes.

On November 2nd, after Dynadot lifted the market lock, I submitted a transfer request to Dynadot and transferred the domain to West. This officially marked the end of the auction process.

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