Yangshuo in June

In June of this year, I arrived in Yangshuo, Guilin.

The moment I set foot in Yangshuo, I felt like I was stepping into a fairy tale world. It is surrounded by mountains and the Li River runs through the town. As I leisurely cruised along the Li River on a boat, I was mesmerized by the surrounding scenery. The peculiar peaks stood tall amidst the river, resembling sculptures created by nature. Some peaks had graceful forms, like fairies descending to earth, while others were towering and majestic, resembling mighty dragons. The sunlight shimmered on the river, casting a silver-white glow, and the green trees on the riverbanks complemented each other, creating a magnificent and serene masterpiece.

In addition to the Li River, Yangshuo has many other natural attractions worth exploring. I rode along the rural pathways, traversing pleasant farmlands. The golden rice swayed gently in the breeze, while the surrounding mountains undulated in the distance. The rural scenery of Yangshuo resembles a magnificent pastoral painting, evoking a sense of tranquility and comfort. In this beautiful land, I also visited local farmhouses and had firsthand experience of traditional handicrafts and farming activities, getting a glimpse of the simple and industrious lifestyle of the farmers.

I chose to stay at Alila Yangshuo Sugar House, and the moment I stepped into Alila, I felt like I was entering a dreamlike world. This place is renowned for its magnificent natural scenery and rich cultural charm.

West Street is one of the liveliest places in Yangshuo, where ancient streets and buildings are preserved, exuding a rich historical atmosphere. As I strolled along West Street, I felt the bustling crowds and vibrant night markets. The aroma of street food filled the air, and a wide variety of unique products caught my eye, making it a captivating experience. I tasted local specialties such as Yangshuo rice noodles and grilled fish, each bite filled with authentic flavors, deepening my understanding of the city’s unique culinary culture.

The nights in Yangshuo are equally enchanting. While cruising on a boat along the Li River, I had the opportunity to witness the Li River Light Show at night. The buildings and peaks along the riverbank were illuminated by colorful lights, creating a captivating contrast with the stars in the night sky. This scene allowed me to experience the unique romantic atmosphere of Yangshuo at night.

Concluding my journey in Yangshuo, its natural beauty and cultural charm left a profound impression on me. It is a perfect blend of nature and human ingenuity, making it a place one can’t help but be captivated by.

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